GRAND TOURS OF BRINDABELLA COUNTRY GARDENS SPRING 2021. Spend 1- 2 hours on a fully guided walk among the roses, rhododendrons, cherries, bluebells and blossoms with the creators of these internationally awarded gardens.

John and Sylvia will lead walks around the magical 4 acre Brindabella Gardens, showing you all the highlights, the roses, the rhododendrons and the 4 Australian National Plant Collections within the gardens. You will definitely see plants you have never seen before except perhaps in pictures from the great gardens of Britain. Enchanting, breathtaking and totally relaxing with limited numbers and no crowds.


Roses are just a part of Brindabella Country Gardens. Our gardens are in the famous English Arts &Crafts style and are recognised as being the equal of many of England's Great Gardens in the style.






One of the Rose Walks with divine perfume



Come smell the roses

Come smell the roses



The spectacle of Spring in the mountains here at Brindabella

ROSES in full bloom.

Blossom tree wonderland at Brindabella Gardens

Our gardens feature in excess

of 2500 roses with over 80%

of them pleasingly perfumed -

you will be able to see, touch

and smell them all for

yourself and choose the right

one to take home to your





9:30am 17th September
2:00pm 17th September
9:30am 18th September
2:00pm 18th September
9.30am 19th September

9:30am 24th September
2:00pm 24th September
9:30am 25th September
2:00pm 25th September sold out
9.30am 26th September

9:30am 1st October
2:00pm 1st October
9:30am 2nd October
2:00pm 2nd October
9.30am 3rd October

9:30am 8th October
2:00pm 8th October
9:30am 9th October sold out
2:00pm 9th October
9.30am 10th October

9:30am 15th October
2:00pm 15th October
9:30am 16th October
2:00pm 16th October
9.30am 17th October

9:30am 22nd October
2:00pm 22nd October
9:30am 23rd October
2:00pm 23rd October
9.30am 24th October

Numbers will be limited and bookings and prepayment

must be made by email only. As we are uaually working

in the gardens, no phone bookings can be accepted sorry.

Click on this email button to book.

Cost is $11 per person. COVID safe rules apply.

We will have plants available for sale in the

nursery at the completion of your walk.

Looking down to the Double Herbaceous Borders




Magnolias in the woodland

Roses, roses, roses


SEPT 1st -30th

Copyright Brindabella Country Gardens 2021


Naturally, the plants in the gardens flower according to the cycle of Mother Nature and in the early Spring there are more rhododendrons and bulbs and less roses with roses becoming dominant as the Spring progresses.

Clematis and roses are great companions at Brindabella Gardens

images are a guide only as seasonal conditions are variable

Our fully guided tours of Brindabella Gardens will operate in

compliance with a COVID safe Event checklist.

Prior to attending, you must have or agree to

download to a phone, the free “Check-In Qld App”.

You must use the Check-In Qld App when you

enter Brindabella Gardens.

minimum and maximum numbers for each tour may apply. E&OE